Our building maintenance is one of the most requested services by our customers,  thanks to our great experience and specialty in preventive maintenance, corrective conductive legal and technical building.

GSI Constructora offers global solutions for maintenance of buildings which guarantee the conservation of buildings, communities, homes and industries. We are specialized in maintenance of electrical installations and mechanical installations. We always work effectively to optimize consumption. Our team of experts is composed of engineers and professionals of the office specialized in all areas of HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc.

Mantenimiento Integral de edificios - GSIconstructora


Study facilities and facility maintenance plan

Advanced techniques such as thermographic imaging, nominal performance measurement at the time of the analysis and the measurement of the maximum working temperature will provide reliable data that ensures an appropriate decision optimization or improvement of the installation.

Tc = critical temperature or warm (ºC)

Tn = temperature equivalent to normal working conditions (ºC)

Preventive maintenance and regulatory – Building maintenance

In the preventive maintenance service we realize regular maintenances to achieve to prevent a waste of time and have a productive installation.

The normative maintenance is defined by the maintenance to do by the different installation regulation recommended by the manufacturer. It includes regular and mandatory inspections that have to be done with the legislation indicated in each installation.

Corrective maintenance

It consists in a reparation/resolution of the daily installations breakdowns. If it arises an unforeseen breakdown our equipment will repair it in the shortest time possible in order to maintain the installation working normally without problems as soon as possible.

Conductive maintenance

Regular maintenance, inspections and controls personalized to achieve a quality development of the installations.

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