In GSI Constructora think that a building restoration and rehabilitation have to be done by professionals to get the waited results. We dispose of an architects equipment which will give you immediate solutions and detailed reports of your building restoration.

A professional work means a technical sanitation to prevent new problems. We realize functional and structural adaptation, analysing and checking of any zone of the building to guarantee the building structure.

During all the realization of the restoration a professional equipment will guide our clients in the process of restoration because we like to maintain our clients informed all the time.

Restauración y rehabilitación de edificios

We are specialists in building restoration and rehabilitation. We dispose of an equipment with very experience and formation to provide our client with the lasts techniques of restoration.

  • Professional offer of facades rehabilitation:
  • Facades consolidation and restoration
  • Terraces and decks waterproofing
  • Structural pathologies treatment and diagnosis
  • Architectural elements restoration
  • Courtyards, lobbies and stairs
  • Water, light and gas installation

GSI Constructora dispose of all the certificates that credit us to realize the building, facades and vertical works reforms.