The Technical Building Inspection (TBI) is the regular monitoring  of the building status to verify if the building is in a good state. This verification system is an obligation which have to do all the homeowners of multi-family to ensure a good maintenance and rehabilitation of the building.

This system of technical building inspection is aimed to:

  • Homeowners
  • ¬†Residents

ITE inspeccion tecnica de edificios GSIconstructora

The objective of TBI is regular controlling the state of the building to verify the duty of the owners to preserve and rehabilitate the building.

GSI Constructora have technical, engineers, riggers and architects to perform the inspection of the building. All the owners and the residents of the building will have to easy the access to the housing and common areas with the objective to thoroughly inspect all the facilities.

Depending on the kind, widespread and seriously of the deficiencies the TBI results can be:

  • Bad conditions
  • Serious deficiencies
  • Slight deficiencies
  • Without deficiencies

GSI Constructora is prepared to realize a detailed report of all the building and offer the budget to solve and rehabilitate the areas that could make the TBI negative.

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