The need of waterproofing of a terrace can be seen when appears the first leaks in the roof. All the waterproof solutions have their duration which depends on the quality and the kind of waterproofing but normally it oscillate on 14 and 30 years. When this time passes it will be necessary to realize a new waterproofing.

GSI Constructora dispose of a professional equipment to realize any kind of waterproofing.

Impermeabilización de terrazas y cubiertas

There are several kind of waterproofing:

Rubber sheets

Asphalt Shingles

known as EPDM (ethylene, propylene, diene, monomer). The sheets are synthetic and are applied as asphalt sheets.

Liquid systems

impermeabilizacion en GSIconstructora en barcelona

This materials are applied in the area with the roller, air gun or drill. When this material is applied it polymerizes making an elastic coating and giving a waterproof layer.

Asphalt sheets


this sheets are made of a petroleum and asphalt derivative. To apply it in we use warm with a blowtorch.

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