Why Choose Us?

Barcelona has lots of reforming and rehabilitation business, but we will show that our business is one of the best as not all the business can offer what GSI Constructions does.

There are few business which have the features which explain bellow, and GSI Constructora is one of it:

Industry experience

Industry experience: GSI Constructora has been on the construction business since more than 15 years. We started as a construction business during the building boom, then during the industry break we realized we had to refocus our strategy. In this moment we decided to focus in reforms and rehabilitation, and as you can see it worked.

Multidisciplinary Equipment

when we refocused our business, we realized we need new professionals. Further more than pallets, architects, engineers, etc, we needed decorators, and a group of professionals who care for technical issues and the aesthetic too. In order to this, we invest in their recruitment and professional formation to achieve the best results.

Cheap prices

due to our large experience we dispose of business ties with providers, fact that allows us to reduce costs in materials reducing the cost for the clients too.

Finance possibility

although our prices are cheap we understand that there are people who need a little help to handle it comfortably, in order to it we started the possibility of finance the costs to 60 months.

Company comprehensive reforms

For all of these, if you are looking for a reform business in Barcelona, GSI Constructora is your best choose. You won’t find another business with such experience, professional equipment, affordable prices and possibility to finance costs. Ask us budget without commitment.

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